Dress Code

Wee Burn’s dress code is intended to ensure a pleasant and dignified atmosphere in which to enjoy the club’s facilities and services. It is premised on members’ exercising their good judgment, respect for tradition and sensitivity to the desires and expectations of the membership as a group. An integral part of Wee Burn tradition is the expectation that members, their families and guests will always be neatly attired and will maintain higher standards of appearance than may be evident in public places.
Recognizing that a dress code cannot reasonably be expected to identify all forms of acceptable and unacceptable attire, Wee Burn’s dress code establishes minimum standards that apply to Club facilities and activities.

Notwithstanding the forgoing, the following attire is never appropriate at Wee Burn:
  • Frayed, dirty or torn denim, cut-off shorts, cargo-style pants and shorts
  • Tee shirts and Sweatshirts that are emblazoned with large print (school names or products name) are not permitted in dining areas, other than the Beach Grille
  • “Trucker style” baseball hats
  • Short shorts on women and sleeveless shirts on men
  • *Exercise wear (including workout attire, running, yoga or cycling attire)
*Exercise wear may be worn for beach camp drop-off Monday – Friday mornings at 9:00 a.m. in the summer at the beach club. Exercise attire is not permitted for drop-offs at the main club. Runners and cyclists who run to the beach club must upon arrival avail themselves of the locker room and change into suitable beach attire.
Compliance with the dress code by family and guests is the responsibility of the member. In addition, Club management has been charged with monitoring compliance, both in fact and in spirit. In instances of differing opinions, members will be expected to abide by management’s interpretation.
The dress code applies to people six years of age and older.
Military uniform is always considered appropriate attire.

Dress Codes:

“Jacket & Tie Required” — includes dress pants, jacket and tie for gentlemen and
similarly formal attire for ladies.

“Jacket Required” — includes slacks, jacket and collared shirt or turtle neck for
gentlemen and similarly dressy attire for ladies. 

“Casual Attire” — “Casual Attire” –for gentlemen this includes collared shirts, turtlenecks, neat and clean slacks and golf length shorts. Shirts should be tucked in. Gentlemen may wear a neat crew neck shirt beneath a sweater. For ladies this includes slacks, skirts, golf length shorts and shirts that may be collared or not.
“Beachwear” — includes bathing suits, cover-ups and collarless shirts.

“Athletic Attire” — the attire prescribed for the athletic facility being utilized (Golf, Tennis, Platform Tennis, Bowling, Shooting). Please refer to the section for each respective activity in this book for their respective dress codes.

Main Clubhouse and Beach Club:
Casual Attire and Athletic Attire are appropriate in the Main Clubhouse, except as
otherwise provided. Please refer to prior page for the definition of casual and athletic attire, as well as what is never appropriate attire at Wee Burn.

Gentlemen shall remove hats and caps and ladies shall remove caps in the Main
Clubhouse and in restaurants. For luncheon dining at the Beach Club, hats and caps are allowed for protection from the sun by both men and women.

Casual Attire, Athletic Attire and Beachwear are appropriate at the Beach Club. Please refer to the prior page for the definition of casual and athletic attire, as well as what is never appropriate attire at Wee Burn.
Emmet Room 
Casual & Athletic Attire
Casual Attire *
Lounge (Cocktails)
Casual Attire
Grill Room
Casual & Athletic Attire
 Jacket Required

 *Please refer to the prior page for the definition of casual and athletic attire.
Ballast Reef
Casual & Athletic Attire
Casual & Athletic Attire
Casual Attire Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday

Jacket and long trousers required Friday, Saturday

*Please refer to the prior page for the definition of casual and athletic attire.
Holiday Events:
Easter, Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving,—Jacket & Tie Required

Events and Member Parties
The dress code for member parties may be established by the event sponsor and for Club Events is established by the Entertainment Committee.

Athletic Facilities
Spectators as well as participants are asked to abide by the prevailing athletic dress code.
Bowlers, tennis, platform tennis players and shooters are asked that if dining following those respective activities, they avail themselves of the club’s locker facilities to freshen up prior to entering the dining areas.
The dress code for each athletic activity may be found in the respective section of the club’s roster book.